• Earnest Smith

Your Resume Is Like a Movie Trailer

As I was talking to some friends that were transitioning from a military job to searching for civilians jobs they asked me what I thought about resumes.

Considering I spent 6 years bouncing around jobs and sending numerous resumes into the black hole never to be seen again, I told them your resume is like a movie trailer with the 1 hiring recruiter in the audience.

Digging deeper into the metaphor, I realized that a good movie knows their audience. What type of movie they like, what language do they speak…and so on.

Same goes for a resume. It’s about creating a relationship with the recruiter and the company.

I recently read a great book on this topic and my favorite quote was that “A better approach to job hunting is to spend time researching each company or hiring team before an interview to get to know them on a human level. Uncover the job opportunities where you can make the biggest difference for THEM and highlight why your skill set for specific roles has the most potential for THEM.”

— Knock: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships That Matter by Rebecca Otis Leder


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