• Earnest Smith

Why Is It So Hard to Take a Break?

As I staring at my ceiling and my mind is going 60 miles per hour, I am wondering to myself, do I really need to take a break?

Yeah, I probably should take a break before I break.

Ok, I set the clock for 30 mins and put my meditation song on repeat.

Here is what my mind is thinking during this break:

1 minute in - Earnest why are you laying here? This is a waste of time, you got emails, phone calls to make, and what are my kids going to eat for lunch?

2-5 minutes in - Yo, get up, you got a lot of things to do. Don’t you hear your dog going through the house. Maybe my dog is nervous….Now I am nervous. I should check my phone to ensure I didn’t miss a message.

6-10 minutes - How many times do I have to listen to this music? Has it been 30 minutes yet. I think I should get up….but I tell myself you are going to lay here and appreciate this break.

11-15 minutes - Hey, I am finally starting to calm down. This is awesome.….RING..RING… Forgot to put my phone on do not disturb. This may be a spam call should I answer during my break? Yup I will.

16 minute - Answer the phone, How may I help you…and I realize it’s a spam call. Now I am thinking, should I try to go back to meditating and put my phone into do not disturb…. Ok

17-20 minutes - My mind is like you are a really committed to this aren’t you. And I am like yes. Then my body says okay I will relax.

21-29 minutes - I feel my body sinking into ground and starting to feel heavy. Finally a sense of calm and appreciation for God allowing me to have this break.

30 minute - Time to get up. I am glad I took a break. My eyes feel better and I can think better. Aight let’s get back to work.

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