• Earnest Smith

Waves of Transition

I love working more than anything else. If I am being honest, there were times I felt I was trading my family in for work and sometimes, consciously I did. I always had to achieve more. I feel insignificant when I am not working, so slowing down frightened me. The faster I work the more significant I can be; however, I ended up sprinting past the ones I love most.

With my wife working outside the home as well, we were becoming like two ships that pass in the night. I was starting to measure my time with my kids in minutes. All of this was my choice.

Even at an early age, I have been that kid that brings home their backpack during spring break to do more work.

After I was wounded in the military, I needed to prove that I could still work. I needed to prove that I wasn’t broken. In order to do that, I would work harder, even if it wasn’t healthy for me.

I love working in high pressure and fast paced environments, however, my mental and physical health was not what it used to be and my wife intuitively was able to see that I was headed back down that familiar path of over-working.

I have realized that God has brought me to a place where I have to decide how much I value relationships. How I needed to slow down, be healthy and really enjoy them.

Thankfully, I have been given the opportunity to re-examine the way I view work. I am in a wave of transition as I seek to live a life in earnest.

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