• Earnest Smith

Stay Pumped Up, Don’t Ride Life on Flat.

The great thing about tires is you might have an indicator in your car telling you if the pressure is low.

BUT what is the indicator in your life that you might be “riding on flat“ and headed toward burnout.

Here are some indicators that I experienced when I am riding on flat:

- I try to do more tasks and I get less done.

- I am staring at the computer screen.

- I am filled with frustration.

- I am unclear exactly what the task and purpose I need to accomplish.

- I don’t have a vision or a path of what my goal or what I am here to do on this earth.

- My whole body feels tired and I literally sat at my computer all day.

- I need a break or I am going to break.

- I can’t tell my boss or anyone at work that I am close to burning out....so I will just bottle up my emotions and open up a bottle of my best friend Hennessy.

- I can’t share how I feel with anyone, so I am just going to disconnect in order to conserve energy.

Here is how I keep myself pumped:

- I wake up and recite my life’s mission.

- I jump on a trampoline.

- Talk to a therapist for my monthly mental-tuneup

- I go listen to music that I love and then try to play it on the piano.

- I plan a break between meetings and physical go breath in another room as often as possible.

- I remember that each day is a bonus day for me and if I wake up that I didn’t get blown up while I slept.

- Super-grateful for the awesome body and mind that God has given me...so I am going to work hard and play hard.

- I made a deliberate decision to allow myself to live each day with a burning passion!

- Surround myself with positive people and groups that encourage me.

- Hug my wife and kids and go play with them daily.

- See how fast I can crush the mundane but vital work, so I maximize my time with work I am passionate about.

- I realized that if I don’t courageously share my story, someone who is super-close to a burnout or blowout won’t find relief

So Get Pumped and Stay Pumped!

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