• Earnest Smith

Stay Out of Your Head

Have you ever got lost in your head. I have.

Thinking about….

What if I mess this up? What if I can’t provide for my family?

What if they find out I am fraud?

What if I fail?

I am so nervous, I could throw up


Your going to succeed are you sure your ready

You dont deserve to be successful?

This God given task is so easy…maybe too easy…let me find a way to make this complicated so I can have some control In my life

Meanwhile, I realize as I am stuck in my head, I forgot to breath.

So I start focusing on my breath and listening to my exhale and thanking God for 3 things going on around me.

Then I was like let me change my environment and go for a run. Get moving fast enough to bring my mind into the presence.

And suddenly that energy that was stuck inside my head has metabolized out of my body and I feel so much better 😀

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