• Earnest Smith

If I Weren’t Afraid

It’s been about 2 months since I last posted Where did the time go?

I just said I was going to take a little break, get my finances in order, and then get back to posting.

But then I started thinking. Why didn’t I post? It literally takes less than 10 minutes to make a video and type some texts.

Maybe I burnt myself out trying to put out a message daily?

Maybe I just needed to get work done and forget about this hobby?

Maybe I just have to have the perfect words and the perfect post to get more numbers?

Maybe I am just scared and have no clue what it means to be alive?

And then the thought occurred to me,

How would I live my life if I wasn’t afraid? And the answer for me is I would find a way to share my life with the world each day, just like I would tell my wife and kids I love them everyday.

So I am going to make the choice to share daily and be grateful for each bonus day! I don’t how I am going to be able to share everyday, but the answers don’t come until you leap sometimes and have no choice but to figure it out.

So If your willing, ask yourself today how would you live if you weren't afraid….and try it :-)

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