• Earnest Smith

How to Increase Employee Retention by Building Deeper Trust

As I am seeing a trend of employee retention becoming more difficult as we come out of the pandemic.

In this video I talk about the 5 Levels of Building Trust that we teach to leaders at Rooftop Leadership to build trust when the risk is low so when things get difficult and the risk is high your employees will be more loyal to you and your company.

5 Levels of Building Trust

1) Rapport - Getting to know someone and who they are and allowing them to know a little about you

2) Relatability - Do you relate to their pain? Do you feel and understand their pain and the frustrations they face. Like a movie to you have a crystal clear picture of their pain….no guessing

3) Relevance- Do you know their goals and dreams. How will you help them achieve their goals and dreams?

4) Reciprocity - Because you understand their pain, goals, and dreams and have taken action to help remove pain and guide them toward their dream; then they wish to help you with your dreams and help remove your pains

5) Relationship - Your both moving toward a shared goal and vision that helps each other remove their individual pain and achieve their individual goals

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