• Earnest Smith

Helping Others with Your Struggle Instead of Hiding

I have been hiding and not personally sharing publicly in the past month and ½. Yup, I own it :-)

As the Task Force Pineapple was kicking off, I found myself at home with my son quarantined and on the sidelines, as my skills were best suited elsewhere. I found myself as a veteran left out of the fight and wondering if I was still relevant.

I found myself hiding with feelings of being helpless as a former soldier that can’t do anything to help the situation in Afghanistan. So I laid there with bed covers over my head instead of sharing my struggle with others in order to be of help.

I know there are a lot of other veterans struggling with what can I do during this time. Or what can I do once I leave the military? It took me over 8 years but I was able to find my passion for service again and have learned how to serve in a different way that excites me.

I realized that what I do at Rooftop Leadership by getting to talk and interact with Leaders that are trying to create a better world for those around us and people we may never meet does help support Task Force Pineapple and is how I can best show up and serve everyday.

I am making a difference with each leader that I interact with as they realize the power of their voice and the power of the story. They can change their life, family, and community around them.

I encourage everyone, especially my veterans, If you don’t connect with someone and you don’t share your story…you will slowly start to shrivel up and lose your passion. No one fights a battle by themselves and wins. So, I give you permission to connect again and find someone to share your struggles with and get back in the game.

We need you around!

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