• Earnest Smith

Give Them What They Like Not What You Like

Today I was trying to get my 14 year dog Chloe out into the yard to go potty. She likes to hid way underneath the bed.

She is advanced in age and has a hard time hearing, so yelling will not make her move.

I tried putting a dried piece of dog food under her nose. She didn’t move! I remembered I had some tuna in the fridge. Got me a small spoon of it and held it by her face.

All of sudden her nostrils went active and she woke up from a dead sleep. She couldn’t get out from underneath the bed fast enough.

She excitedly followed me all the way outside as I held the spoonful of tuna.

She happily ate the tuna outside and I was happy when she went potty outside.

It reminded me of what I am learning about in sales. People will take action if what you sell is something they might like and love. But if it is something they will not like, no amount of “selling” will move them…they don’t like it.

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