• Earnest Smith

Finding Meaning In the Bad Times

I use to be a very depressed person. Like when I got out of the military because of medical reasons all I did was sleep. No amount of medicine would cure my bad attitude. There was no fire 🔥 in my eyes and I was a walking zombie.

And recently , I laughed when someone gave me the nickname “Bubbles” because of my positive attitude.

What changed you ask. I made a decision.

I realized we are meaning-seeking creatures and we assign meaning to everything we do. I had previously chosen only to assign negative meaning to every situation. Everything sucked and I didn’t want to be here. So I decided with the help of God and support from friends, to start being grateful for the small things no matter how bad the day may seem and no matter what environment I was in.

About 2 years ago, I started naming my days with something positive:

Magnificent Monday! Terrific Tuesday!

Wonderful Wednesday!

Triumphant Thursday!

Fantastic Friday!

Super Saturday!

Stupendous Sunday!

With the challenge of finding something positive no matter how bad the day. Because if you don’t find something positive you will never give yourself a chance to make something good out of the bad things.

So I thank God for my “Bonus Day“ because I am still alive and choosing to celebrate something good 👍🏾

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