• Earnest Smith

Experts See the World Differently

I went fishing for the first time. Completely not what I expected. It was more like fish-hunting.

We we’re on the move going to where fishes were feeding and not sitting still waiting.

While we were fishing, my friend would ask if I saw the fish over there? My reply was no I dont see any fish.

After a while I asked him what am I looking for? To which he said you are looking for differences in patterns in the water. Waves going in another direction, quiet sections in water that should be moving, bubbles on the surface.

He then went on to tell me some other external indicators your in the right area such as lots of birds in the air, guide boats in your area or if you have polarized sunglasses you could see the dark spots in the water where fish may be lurking.

Then it hit me. That experts see the world differently. I was literally looking for a fish and my friend was looking at 5-7 outside indicators that fish were present.

He went on to catch 2 big snook and I learned so much about fishing and got a couple nibbles on my fishing line.

Next time, I am looking forward to catching a fish.

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