• Earnest Smith

Embrace Your Thinking Style

When I first started thinking about how I think best, someone mentioned that my thought process was like a distillery.

I take a wide range of topics and ideas and boil them down into one keyword or sentence.

It takes time to process the information. I use to be embarrassed by how slow I thought , ,especially when I was in grade-school.

Many times I would be in conversation with someone and as they talk about an idea, I would go to work inside my head.

Moments later the other person would be like, “Earnest are you still here”. And sheepishly I would reply that I was lost in thought.

But now I just tell people before-hand that if you see or hear me go silent, I am in the process of making you a fresh-squeezed thought and is it ok if do this?

I am taking the seeds of thought you gave me, planting them into my mind, letting them take root, waiting for the tree to grow organically, picking the freshest fruit for you


Then I take a whole bushel of fruit and turn it into a fresh squeezed cup of thought-juice just for you.

So embrace your thinking style and find what works best for you and for others around you

To name a few different ways of thought

Some people think out loud

Some inside their head

Some while moving

Some while talking to others

Some through visual

Some through audio

And the list goes on...

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