• Earnest Smith

Don‘t suffer in silence and go share your story 🙂

In someways these past 2 years of prolonged COVID were worse than war for me. Loosing loved ones and not being able to go to the funeral, being deathly afraid of anyone coughing, and sometimes just feeling lonely.

When I went through war, I locked away a lot of painful memories. In locking away those memories, I also shut down my personality in the process. (It’s why a lot of veterans never tell anyone their war stories and they are messed up in the inside)

If you find yourself locking away and trying to hit the erase button on these past couple years, I would encourage you to find someone safe to chat with before you put that unprocessed pain in the vault.

Ask yourself what did you learn from these past 2 years and how can it help make you a better person?

If you don’t find someone to chat with, when you lock away the pain it only really starts to turn into trauma when you never process the event and you get stuck.

Don‘t suffer in silence and go share your story 🙂

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