• Earnest Smith

Creating a Culture of Encouragement

I heard someone talk about a leader that they met over 15 years ago that helped their team create a culture of encouragement.

It got me thinking as to what that has looked like in my life.

I thought about when we would do our morning military runs in formation, we all ran together. Many times during the run, some people would grow tired and get left behind.

Encouragement was turning the formation around and going back to run alongside the tired people.

Now that I am out of the Army, there are still ways to go back and help some one.

Maybe it’s that phone call where someone needs to talk or a leader realizing that the team is burning out and re-setting the pace so the team can win.

Or if your anything like me, it realizing that it is ok to ask for help if you are drowning.

Remember to encourage someone today. You could make a world of difference in that persons life.

There can never be enough encouragement!

I am super-excited to hear a memory of how someone encouraged you or how you encouraged someone!!!

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