• Earnest Smith

7 Steps to Great Adventures With Your Kid Without Thinking About Work

Sometimes, I get the courage to enter into pretend playing with my son. Because I am often thinking about work...I do the following 7 steps to get ready to play:

1) Pretend your an actor that walked onto the set of a movie and your kid is the director.

2) Figure out what kind of movie your kid has you in.

3) Play the character that they assign you.

4) Realize this movie can have multiple made-up scenes and locations...everything is imaginative so be on the lookout.

5) Usually whatever object your kid has in their hands when they approach you is the main objective of the play.

ex. When my son Wade approaches me with a shield he is using asking me to play fighting.

(Also the object can also be make believe or invisible)

6) Never ever break character, unless you want to end play time.

7) Allow yourself to Have Fun, because everyone always tells me that kids grow up fast and they love to have our attention.

Let me know what you do to get ready to play.

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